About Us


About Us

Forget reliability, think thriving. For nearly five decades, Sawary has been more than just a power company – it’s been the lifeblood of Saudi Arabia’s ambitions. Since 1974, we’ve illuminated homes, fueled industries, and ignited potential, weaving a seamless story of uninterrupted power across the kingdom. From land to sea, from businesses to battleships, Sawary doesn’t just provide power, it empowers. We are the one-stop shop for progress, offering a symphony of solutions – generators, engines, UPS systems, parts, filters, services, and even concrete equipment. It’s a complete power orchestra, conducted by our unrivaled expertise, to propel your dreams into the future.

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Our Purpose

Our goal is to maintain a good reputation, the trust and satisfaction of our employees, customers and suppliers through our Core Values, to ensure the continuity of achieving profitable growth by working and investing in the field of Machinery, Power, Water, and Aftersales/Aftermarket Solutions

Our Mission

• Become an active player in the Kingdom’s 2030
Vision and beyond.
• Become an employer of choice in the country
and move towards becoming more of a corporate
(vs. a simple family business)
• Provide customers with bespoke solutions in
multi sectors
• Invest in sustainable energy solutions in line
with Saudi Green Initiative.

Our Vision

To pursue a leadership position through diversification
and growth in Saudi Arabia and beyond,
while continuing to explore solutions to lead on
the Sustainable Energy Space.

Our Values

  • Efficiency & Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Development
  • Taking Initiative