SAWARY Heritage


SAWARY Heritage

The Sawary Story

From Pioneering Sparks to Radiant Progress

In bustling Jeddah, back in 1974, a bright idea flickered in the mind of Sheikh Ahmmed Al Sulaiman. He dreamt of a Saudi Arabia buzzing with life, its cities shining, its factories whirring, all powered by the steady hum of electricity. That’s how Sawary began – not just a company, but a promise to fill homes with light, fuel businesses with energy, and ignite the potential within every

It started small, a spark in Jeddah that soon grew into a powerful wave of progress,
sweeping across the kingdom.

The early days were an adventure on uncharted terrain. Like brave explorers facing the unknown, Sawary’s pioneers forged their own path. They tackled tricky technical problems, won the trust of customers, and made powerful allies along the way. Every cable laid, every machine whirring, every
switch that flickered on was a victory for their mission: to bring progress to Saudi Arabia. Their tools
were blueprints and schematics, not maps and compasses, and their language was the simple yet powerful one of electricity.

As the years passed, Sawary grew alongside the nation. They brought light to bustling factories,
vibrant cities, and even tiny villages hidden in the vast desert. They became the silent engine of progress,
the helping hand guiding Saudi Arabia into the exciting age of electricity.
But Sawary never stood still. They looked beyond their borders, seeking partnerships and knowledge,
always hungry for new ways to grow. From big companies around the world to bright minds just starting
out, they welcomed everyone, joining hands to create a web of expertise as intricate as the
kingdom’s own history.

Today, Sawary stands tall, a shining symbol of power and progress. It’s a testament to the founder’s vision, the pioneers’ hard work, and the trust of countless partners and customers. This isn’t just the story of a company, it’s the story of a nation’s journey, lit up by Sawary’s unwavering light. A journey that, like the sun rising over the Arabian Sea, will continue to bring brighter and brighter tomorrows to Saudi Arabia.
Sawary: Where dreams find their plug, progress sparks like a light bulb, and power shines bright on the ambitions of a nation.